Author Topic: Please follow these guidelines when posting.  (Read 2541 times)

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Please follow these guidelines when posting.
« on: 2017 22, 06/13/17, 16:22:44 PM »

We ask five simple things for the mutual benefit of everyone using this site.

1) Try to remember to use capital letters, punctuation, and especially paragraphs when submitting a long post as this makes it much easier to read and understand; and your post is more likely to be read and responded to. Please note that all posts are automatically limited to 5,000 characters and spaces, or approximately 1000 words.

2) Post your topic in the most appropriate category and don’t cross post the same message in numerous forums. This could be difficult as some topics are related, but choose one that you feel is the main focus or idea. If you have multiple topics in the same post, then divide your post if you can.

3) Also, please doesn’t start a NEW topic if you are commenting to an existing post; add a “reply” instead, and keep the thread going. If you should find your post missing, it will most likely have been moved to its appropriate category or topic to avoid confusion and clutter.

4) Please use the "Social Chit-Chat" forum if you're posting a message that doesn’t relate to a specific topic, i.e. the weather, or something new that you bought, etc. etc.

5) If you are unsure of how to post or edit a message, add an image, or any of the other features that this SMF offers, you can go to the “Test Area and Playground” and practice there.

Thank you and welcome.

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