Author Topic: What is Co-equal Therapy? (Part-2)  (Read 1379 times)

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What is Co-equal Therapy? (Part-2)
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Co-equal Therapy is a term I’ve conceived to describe this Wholistic approach to wellness and self-empowerment. It encompasses and addresses the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being – equally. It doesn’t matter whether we begin with the repressed and denied emotions, the mental blocks holding them down, or the imbalances held as disease in the physical body. When we can truly address and accept all of these parts of our selves with love, in our heart, then we are in balance and in harmony with our Spiritual Essence.

Co-equal Therapy is based on my personal on-going journey of discovery and self-empowerment, and the experiences that have not only benefited me but others as well. Coequal Therapy is an evolving process where there are no rules, standard procedures, notebooks, or tapes; as each healing experience is as different as the individuals involved. I use my Empathic and psychic abilities along with a variety of alternative healing modalities, techniques, and “tools” as I have come to call them. I feel that the most important “tool” is Meditation / Visualization, but… from a NON-DENIAL perspective. Meditation / Visualization can be adapted to a variety of topics listed under “Healing and Self-Empowerment, as well as “Metaphysical,” and both these categories are related to the issues of “Life as an Empath.” Regressing (not hypnotizing) a person to lost, forgotten and denied memories is the key to beginning to heal them. What makes Coequal Therapy unique is that the facilitator is not only doing what they feel guided to do, but (by consent) are also expressing what they are “picking up” from the person they are working with and  giving expression to what has been suppressed and denied. With the facilitator expressing what the person is denying, it gives the person courage and permission to do what they have never done. This is where Coequal Therapy differs greatly from other new age healing modalities where there is little or no connection between the two. Also, when I feel the need during a meditation, I may use crystals, aromatherapy, toning, acupressure, therapeutic touch, etc. to help activate repressed memories. I may use them alone, or in combination, or I may even get the person to participate.

Emotionally healing the “Inner” and “Outer” child focuses on identifying the problem areas in our lives by going behind the present experience and false emotions (effect) to find the hidden (cause) which are the real emotions that were, and are, being denied and suppressed. The process is to go back through the many layers of emotions made by similar experiences, all the way back to when and what experience put the original program in place. As these emotions are felt and expressed, lost power and essence are reclaimed. There are numerous suppressed feelings and emotions in the original experience and they will surface at different times when they are ready.

Mentally letting go of the imprints, programs, beliefs, guilt and shame is also associated with healing. How we perceive and experience our reality is based on our imprints, programs, and beliefs. At birth we are all imprinted with similar programs, instincts, and feelings, and as we develop we are further imprinted and programmed by beliefs from our parents, family, peers, community, culture, religions, governments, institutions, etc. We learn how to respond appropriately, what’s right or wrong, what’s perceived as truth and reality all based on their beliefs, programs, and imprints. Once the emotions are felt and expressed, you can then re-program your altered Ego and sub-conscious, and change the beliefs that you’ve clung to as your truth of who you are, which created your reality. Yes, it’s possible to mentally re-program yourself without feeling the emotions, but this unbalanced process only further denies the emotions and also limits your mental awareness.

Physically, during or after any emotional work there is often some form of physical release including pain, sweats, cold, nausea, diarrhea, etc. If you didn’t have a complete release, or you feel there is more you need to touch, you may feel a need for some form of exercise or activity, or you may seek the services of a chiropractor, massage, or other physical healing modality therapist to assist you. The opposite effect is also true as emotional memories that are stored in the body may become activated after you have had some form of physical exercise, body alignment, energy work or accident and now you may have, or feel the need for an emotional release.

Spiritually, we can only benefit from Self-Love and Self-empowerment. How are we supposed to be able to love another if we can’t love ourselves, and isn’t that what life is supposed to be about, love?
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