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Welcome to the Heart Centre
« on: 2016 33, 07/15/16, 19:33:39 PM »
Welcome to the Heart Centre.

The vision and intent of this forum is to be a part of creating the New World from the inside out. The old-world reality is collapsing and we can't fix it using the same mentality that created it. As it collapses, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the shift in consciousness creates a blueprint for a new reality.

Do you think/feel that your life and this world full of denial, fear and unlovingness is totally the opposite of what you desire? Are you frustrated with your life and traditional dogma? Are you criticized and laughed at for questioning authority and the official narrative? Do you see and feel things that other people don't? Are you tired of being a people pleaser? Do you feel you don't "fit in" with society? Are you confused about your thoughts, feelings and emotions? Have your feelings and emotions been labelled negative, and you victimized for having them? Are you on a spiritual quest, searching for truth, love and the meaning of life, but don't know where to begin? Then it's no coincidence that you're here. It's time for a change.

To change and empower yourself, to be who you really are, you need to be open to challenge, not defend, everything you believe to be true, especially about love, life, feelings and emotions, and also be willing to uncover and end your denials of all aspects of self. To change, it not only takes intent, but also Heart, and the courage to put your intent and desire into physical action. It's not an easy journey, as it's something that you've never done before, but I assure you, it's one that is well worth it.

This forum covers a variety of topics from New Age, spirituality, metaphysical, psychology, physical issues, relationships, emotions, self-help, self-empowerment and much more. Unlike popular social media platforms like Facebook, where there is one thread with multiple topics and discussions, the purpose of a forum is to gather and provide a "library" of knowledge, experiences, ideas and insights for easy reference. In the process, it will also strip away all that is false to find the truth that has been denied and hidden. It will serve to not only expand our conscious awareness, but activate our emotions and touch our heart; which in turn, will bring healing and understanding and help usher in a new reality.

This is an open forum, and as a guest, feel free to browse the various categories and boards. If you decide to join, please register and then visit "The Lounge" and introduce yourself to the other members. Once you're a member, feel free to post your comments, questions and any personal experiences and insights that you feel will benefit others.


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