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Shenreed - My Journey
« on: 2016 20, 08/01/16, 17:20:33 PM »
In my search for truth and the meaning of life, I had read over 250 books on almost every New Age and self-help topic, as well as exploring various religions, trying to find the answers to my probing questions. While some books offered some part truths that felt right, something was always missing. I was searching for a common thread that would link all the part truths together, as I felt that then I would find and know the truth.

It wasn’t until I obtained the first of eight, Right Use of Will (RUOW) books by Ceanne DeRohan, in 1997, that things began to click and make sense for me that "felt" right, even though I didn't understand it at the time. I also found the common thread I was looking for. What I found that was common, was not what was being said, but what was not being said, what was being denied, and that was the major turning point in my journey. Reading the RUOW books opened my awareness to the role that denial was playing in my life, and was key in allowing me to see through the illusions that we call truth.

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