Author Topic: 2016 October 22 - Membership Re-activation Notice  (Read 3404 times)

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2016 October 22 - Membership Re-activation Notice
« on: 2016 06, 10/22/16, 11:06:39 AM »
*********************    IMPORTANT NOTICE  *********************

All my websites were recently "suspended" and off-line for a day. Seems there was a problem stemming from this forum and how some "members" were using it. I have re-opened this forum for membership, but before you sign up, know that further to the standard SMF registration agreement that you agree to before becoming a member, that I will not tolerate any form of deceit and abuse where YOU INTENTIONALLY use this site to further your commercial or spam link agenda. If you are posting links to sites that have nothing to do with the material on this site, or is just gibberish, you will be removed, banned and reported. If you apply for SEVERAL memberships using bogus names from the same IP address, you will also be removed, banned and reported.    Shenreed
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