Author Topic: Labels on Self and Others  (Read 2945 times)

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Labels on Self and Others
« on: 2017 26, 06/08/17, 23:26:50 PM »
The attached meme is floating around the internet and is hogwash, NOT that it isnít a truth, but that itís NOT a social truth, far from it. The wording is, >>> I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO. <<<

People are socially imprinted and programmed to label (judge) people, places and things. They give other people status and authority and then kowtow or worship them. The pope, Dalai Lama, priest, minister, the Queen, president, a politician, a movie star, singer, sports player, policeman, soldier, fireman, guard, CEO, teacher, manager, supervisor, etc, etc. These are all people that we put ahead of ourselves, that we think and say have more worth or value.

But wait Ė  there is more! What about the labels you put on yourself. The irony is that in our brain-washed ďalteredĒ EGO state of being, we try to be like, or at least, associate and identify ourselves with the idols we worship. I AM a Christian, I AM a Catholic, I AM a Anglican, I AM a democrat, I AM a Jennifer Lopez fan, I AM a Boston Celtics fan, I AM a patriot and support our troops, I AM Pro life, and the list goes on an on.

All these I AM labels not only separate people, but also creates inner and outer conflict, as always there will be people better or more important than you. The irony is that religion and even New Agers, put on this false bravado and rhetoric that we are all the same and equal, which is a part-truth, but what is not said, what is denied and already imprinted and programmed into our Minds is that some are more equal than others.

And now, we get to the interesting part. Because you identify yourself with another person that you think is above you; as soon as anyone says anything that appears to attack what you idolize and worship, your ďalteredĒ Ego thinks itís a personal attack and gets itís Belief Systems (BS) brain cells firing at anything it sees as a threat. The ďalteredĒ EGO also does the reversal in that if someone says anything about a label or person or group that you deem as inferior or lower than you; you whole heartedly agree with them as there is no conflict or threat to your Belief System (BS) but an alignment and agreement with it.

But this goes even deeper. Other I AM labels we put on ourselves are ones like, I AM old, I AM poor, I AM fat, I AM lonely, I Am worthless, I AM not healthy, I AM not smart, I AM not talented, and the list goes on and on. Then there are the ones where there is false pride and one-upmanship, which is the opposite of the ones I just mentioned. All these labels are judgments that we either put on others or ourselves, and then we associate our entire Being with the contrived labels.