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Journeys from the Heart Centre - Free eBook
« on: 2021 07, 02/15/21, 22:07:04 PM »
If you are interested in learning how to meditate to heal your issues and empower yourself, you can pick up a FREE copy of my eBook in various formats from my website in the link below.

Title: Journeys from the Heart Centre
Sub-Title: Meditation as a tool for healing and Self-empowerment

This is the first book in a trilogy and is a "how-to" manual and a guide to assist those who are seeking to heal and empower themselves. In the course of my journey, I discovered that meditation / visualization was a tool that not only expanded my conscious awareness, but could also be used to provide access, and gain insights and potential healing into the issues that I was experiencing in my life. I also discovered that meditation/visualization was only useful as a “tool” for healing and self-empowerment if it was used from a "non-denial" perspective, as you can't heal what you don’t have acceptance for. Without this shift in conscious awareness and point-of-view, there can be no change and no healing. Unless you are open-minded and truly desire to end your denials and are willing to challenge your old beliefs that you cling to as truth, this book will be of little value or aid to you.
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