Author Topic: Needing another person to make us feel complete  (Read 3064 times)

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Needing another person to make us feel complete
« on: 2017 53, 06/18/17, 22:53:36 PM »
We search for a person to make us feel complete and when that happens, we tell ourselves we are in love. But, there is always a but. They are drawn together for judgments they have in common, and also what for judgments that they don't have in common, where they are opposites.

The things they have in common are not usually a problem in a relationship, but it's the things where they are opposites that ultimately create friction, unless one or the other goes into a self-sacrificing denial mode. The opposites could be that she likes to talk, while he doesn't. He sees her as completing him where he is lacking. He might be physically strong and she weaker, and so she sees him as her protector.. and the list goes on an on.

The thing is that when the relationship ends, you feel devastated as your happiness depended on them.