Author Topic: The Need to Challenge your beliefs,not defend them.  (Read 1533 times)

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The Need to Challenge your beliefs,not defend them.
« on: 2016 11, 07/21/16, 17:11:47 PM »
If you have the intent to heal and empower yourself, you need to be aware of what is happening in your outer reality, and by that I mean, not just what you see on TV or hear on the news. If you arenít called, or consider yourself ďa conspiracy theorist,Ē then you are far from being awake enough to even begin to see and feel your issues. If that is the case, then this forum is not your right placeÖ (for now).

Denials on a global level are ending and the truth is being exposed to those that are awake enough to see through the illusions that are being presented as truth and reality. If youíre still clinging to your religion, government, medical establishment, etc., to fix things and save you, you are going  to be in for a rude awakening. The old world reality is disintegrating, the system is broken and canít be fixed, and it needs to be left to its own demise.

To empower yourself, you need to know what love is, and what is not love, and you also need to know what denial is, and what isnít denial, what is truth. AndÖ these need to happen simultaneously. If you can see this and feel in your outer reality, then you have a clue as to what to look for in your inner reality and the changes that need to be made to your old imprints, programs and beliefs that will enable you to heal and empower yourself.