Author Topic: What is Co-equal Therapy? (Part-1)  (Read 1212 times)

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What is Co-equal Therapy? (Part-1)
« on: 2017 05, 06/18/17, 21:05:21 PM »
Co-equal Therapy is the collective result of the experiences and insights I've gained on my journey. In this moment, I believe that:

(1) We are a Spiritual Being clothed in a physical body, and that everything including our thoughts, emotions and physical body is a form of energy and that everything is connected.

(2) We need to take responsibility for our well being, to empower ourselves, and to no longer accept the traditional bandage approach of treating the symptom and not healing the cause.

(3) True healing can only take place when we are in balance, when we can accept and express all our emotions, thoughts and desires without fear, denial, judgment, guilt or shame.

(4) True freedom and self-empowerment can be realized when we are able to live in the present moment, no longer controlled by beliefs, imprints and programs that limit our experience or the expression of who we really are.

(5) To be able to express the love, joy and the magic in our hearts is who we really are, and to share our unique expression and our humanity is what true life is all about.